Friday, October 22, 2010

October Gardening

Left: Golden Honey Bunch tomatoes
Right: Rudbeckia "Goldstrum"

Left: Coleus Redhead
Right: Coleus Redhead, closeup

Left: Ornamental Grasses
Right: Echinacea 'Summer Sun'

Left: Yuccas
Right: Sedum

Blue Princess Holly

Left: Hardy Orange Tree
Right: Fulford Gala Apples

Left: Hostas & Colchica Ivy
Right: Honeysuckle

Left: Panicum Heavy Metal, Miscanthus Morning Light
Right: Lavender Lady Miniature Rose

Left: Potentilla Spring Beauty
Right: English Ivy & Hardy Cyclamen

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Toronto Gardener's Journal & Source Book

This journal is one of the best gifts for the home gardener. It is called "The Toronto Gardener's Journal & Source Book 2011" Although it says Toronto in the title it is actually ideal for gardeners in the Golden Horseshoe.

There are weekly tips on what to do when in the garden & plenty of space to write what happened in your garden so a specific day.

It is divided up into sections: Journal, Garden Plan & Records, Photos, Delights & Disappointments & Source Book.

It would be a great resource to see what was good & not so good in your garden over the past year. We NEVER remember everything!!

The Toronto Gardener's Journal is available to order on-line at