Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Brock University's Harlem Shake

What is the Harlem Shake?
The Harlem Shake: a dance move popularized by New York DJ Baauer may be the fastest-spreading meme on Canadian Campuses. . . ever? The jig is simpler than Gangnam Style: one person, usually wearing a mask, flails around unnoticed until suddenly, through the miracle of editing, everyone joins in.
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Brock Harlem Shake Goes Viral Causes S5K Damage
St. Catharines Standard Article
Brock's Harlem Shake at Market.
Security Watching Brock's Harlem Shake
Cleaners blocked off doors to clean up mess.
Damaged Chairs, & Tables

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Update to Snowmageddon

Official total of Snowfall in 24 hours:  30 cm = 12 inches.  That's the most snow we have had since 1984 - 29 years ago.  St. Catharines bore the brunt of this snowstorm.

Nessie is completely buried now except for her Santa hat.

This rhodo is our meteorologist.  We do take into consideration what the weatherman says but most times we take a look outside the front door to see how the rhodo looks.  Our names for him are either "Perky MacPerkerton" or "Droopy MacDrooperton".  Either way we know how to dress for the day.  He has never been wrong!!


Our street - unplowed
 Getting up this morning, I noticed the street has been plowed.  Now I need to shovel the end of the driveway otherwise we are not getting out this morning.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Well we got clobbered today.  It was definitely the Snowmageddon they have been predicting for the past 4 years. Not sure what the final total will be, but  I know I shoveled at least 10 inches of snow from our driveway. 

Nessie looks like she's drowning!
Nessie is covered with snow.  Both humps and tail are covered. 
Finishing off the steps.
Me supervising LOL!
The west side of our driveway, yes we do have a slight bank as our driveway slopes.  Our house is a raised bungalow & the garage is under the living room.  Imagine shoveling and hiffing the snow up and over this bank.  It got worse as the day when on.  Four times shoveling today and counting.  The thing covered with snow beside the metasequioa tree is an inukshuk.  Not that you can tell.

Snow covered inukshuk beside Metasequioa tree.
Every winter the snowplow operator has trouble knowing where the end of our driveway is.  We get a lot of packed snow at the end of our driveway making it hard to shovel and actually get out of our driveway.  He doesn't seem to know where the curb is.   Bruce put these reflectors at the end of our driveway to see if this would help the situation.  Today there was obviously more snow on the east side of the driveway than the west.

West side of the driveway.
East side of the driveway.
Standing beside the mound of snow on the east side of the driveway.
Me finishing off the steps.  Snow, snow & more snow.